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Mariano Laclaustra

Mariano Laclaustra is a comic artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has been published in both Europe and the US by small and mid-sized publishers. For the past year and a half, he has worked on a mini-series and various issues of Dark Horse Presents for Dark Horse Comics. He is also a painter […]

Chas! Pangburn

Chas! Pangburn puts words in balloons. You can find various ways to stalk him at

Lane Terasaki

Lane Terasaki is a comic book artist and game designer.

Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson is a comic book writer, most recently of Rex, Zombie Killer for Big Dog Ink and My Little Pony for IDW – / @RobertEAnderson.

Evelyn Rangel

Evelyn Rangel is a fledgling letterer who got her start in October 2013. She has worked on Doc Unknown and No Stranger to Death, and still has quite a lot to learn. Evelyn is based out of Texas, where she lives with her husband, two children, and one dearly loved French Bulldog.

Ricardo Venâncio

Ricardo Venâncio is a portuguese illustrator, based in Lisbon, Portugal, who grew up in the 80s, on a strict diet of saturday morning cartoons, comics and mythology. Against every sound advice, he began drawing professionaly around 1999, gaining experience in storyboard for animation and advertisement, editorial illustration, concept design and comic book work. In between freelance work and upcoming collaborations, he’s working on a fantasy webcomic called Hanuram, the Golden, on

Gene D’cruze

Gene D’cruze is an emerging talent in the British design and illustration scene. His has worked alongside big brands like Monster Cable and BMW, as well as in the UK film industry. He lives not far from the Queen, though he has not met her personally. Not yet anyway. He posts (occasionally) over at

Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas is a comic book artist from Spain who has been published in Cthulhu Magazine, Amigo Comics and Blackjack Press. His new comic Ruin with Darker Sho is currently on Kickstarter. Twitter: @ruben__rojas.

Matthew Meylikhov

Matthew Meylikhov is a comic book writer from Boston who is known to many by the size of his beard. He is the EiC of Multiversity Comics, back-up writer for Morning Glories, letterer and thinks cats are pretty cool. Twitter: @mattisnotarobot.

Claire Connelly

Claire Connelly is a 22 year old illustrator who lives in Asbury Park, N.J. She draws, makes comics and occasionally leaves the house. Claire has a B.F.A. in animation/illustration from Montclair State University where she finished her 2nd graphic novel “Here”. She also working on her next graphic novel and a variety of other projects. […]