Tiger Lawyer

Written by Ryan Ferrier
Lettered by Ryan Ferrier
Art by Vic Malhotra
Art by Matt McCray
Colored by Adam Metcalfe

The title that started it all… TIGER LAWYER! Yes, he is a tiger that is also a lawyer.

Written by Ryan Ferrier, with art by Matt McCray and Vic Malhotra, each issue of Tiger Lawyer features two Tiger Lawyer stories (each in their own style and genre), and tons of pin-ups in a super cool double-sided flipbook comic!

See for yourself what Joe Keatinge calls “his favorite comic right now” – he loved it so much you can now find new Tiger Lawyer pages in the back of HELL YEAH from Image Comics! Everyone’s a buzzin’ for this crazy legal cat.

Buy it now! Issue #1 and #2 are available now at the online store, in both print and digital formats.

Issue #3 is coming this winter.

Issue #1 Preview

from Tiger Lawyer: Attorney At Rawr

from Tiger Lawyer: Dead Cat Walking

Issue #2 Preview

from Tiger Lawyer: Dial P For Purr-der

from Tiger Lawyer: Bad Cat Rising