Read ‘Baby Girl’ Now!

Challenger Comics is super excited to bring you Baby Girl, a sensational short story from writers Matt Heistand, Dan Fifield, Evin Dempsey (collectively known as the ThreeOneFive), art from David Hahn, colors from Rico Renzi, and lettering from the great Fonografiks.

This instalment of Baby Girl first appeared as a back up story in Joe Keatinge’s Hell Yeah from Image comics (issues #3-5).

Abandoned at birth, her birth certificate reads only – BABY GIRL. Today, she’s a foul-mouthed nymphomaniac who specializes in obtaining the unobtainable. As far as she’s concerned, blowjobs go hand-in-hand with bag jobs. Need someone with the skills to tackle lost artifacts, high-adventure, and weaponized roofies? No biggie, just another day at the office…if the price is right. BABY GIRL adventures deliver over-the-top action and outrageous sexual humor
Check out BABY GIRL’s introductory adventure, Lost Treasure of the Afrika Korps!
Big, big thanks to everyone involved with Baby Girl for bringing this beautiful madness to Challenger.