Welcome to CHALLENGER COMICS, a self-publishing comic book imprint. This is a place where you will find the means to consume self-published, creator-owned work from select creators, movers, and shakers. The goal of Challenger is simple: create a hub, a portal, a space, for independently owned and produced comics to call “home” while providing  a simple way for readers to find the work, read it, buy it, and support it.

Challenger Comics is not a publisher. The creator is the publisher. Challenger is merely an imprint, much like a brother/sisterhood that’s always there to toot your horn.

It’s like this:

“I want to make comics on my own and put them online for people to read and (hopefully) buy, and I want a good-looking, easy way other than tumblr, etc. to host them. So I made Challenger. And I’ve invited some friends and creators to join the party too.” – Ryan Ferrier

We hope you enjoy the comics that are and will be in part of the Challenger Family.





Ryan Ferrier

‘Tiger Lawyer’ and ‘Orc Girl’ Among Launch Titles

Calgary, AB – Comic book writer (and dude you’ve probably never heard of) Ryan Ferrier, officially launched Challenger Comics – a self-publishing comic imprint – on halloween night. The site – – will serve as a hub for self-published comics to find readers by offering free-to-read comics and an online store for print books. It’s a big deal because he’s been talking about it for day– ahem, months.

Ferrier launches Challenger with his (kinda) indie hit ‘Tiger Lawyer’ (currently running as a backup in ‘Hell Yeah’ from Image), and is proud to present ‘Orc Girl’ from writer Paul Allor and artist Thomas Boatwright, as the imprint’s featured release. ‘Orc Girl’ has more buzz than a beehive dipped in red bull, and Gail Simone calls it “one of the best comics I’ve read in ages.” Also released with Challenger’s launch are ‘Broken Deals’ and ‘Children of Russia,’ two free-to-read comics from the creative partnering of Ryan Ferrier and Hugo Petrus. ‘Children of Russia’ also marks Petrus’ triumphant return to comics after a brief hiatus.

Challenger Comics will act as a centralized space for invited creators to display, promote, and sell their self-published work. Among the creators involved are Ryan Ferrier, Paul Allor, Jeremy Holt, Ryan K. Lindsay, Curt Pires, Hugo Petrus, Vic Malhotra, Matt McCray, Thomas Boatwright, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and more.

Challenger Comics looks forward to finishing 2012 by adding several new titles, and exploring the creator owned landscape of 2013. A print anthology is also planned for release next year. Founder Ryan Ferrier prays it doesn’t go belly-up by December, as making comics is absurdly expensive, and writers don’t make any scratch.

For more info on Challenger Comics, please contact Ryan Ferrier at #readchallenger #makecomics

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